Yacht Rental in Turkey – Discover Turkey from a New Angle

Turkey is a popular tourist destination as it is affordable, beautiful, and exotic, with a variety of sites and attractions. Would you like to discover the country from a new angle? At Sailing Around, you can discover Turkey anew and enjoy an unforgettable vacation by renting a yacht in Turkey, either with your own skipper’s license or with our professional crew.

The Dream Vacation on a Yacht:

Renting a yacht in Turkey will give you a dream yachting vacation, on board a luxurious and well-equipped yacht that will sail among the magical shores of Turkey, with stops at coves and marinas that you wouldn’t be able to reach on a regular vacation, and a variety of unique destinations to visit and explore. The cruises themselves are suitable for small groups, including families with children, groups of friends, couples, work teams, etc. Yacht rental is open to everyone and does not require prior knowledge or experience in sailing, but those with a valid skipper’s license can also choose to sail independently along the shores of Turkey. In any case, whether you rented a yacht with a crew or on your own, we can work together to tailor a unique vacation for you in length and routes that suit you.

It’s Important to Understand:

When we talk about a vacation on a yacht, we mean a modern, luxurious, and well-equipped watercraft, just like a floating boutique hotel, with especially comfortable bedrooms, private shower and toilet rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and a variety of relaxation spaces in the interior and exterior. This private hotel will take you at your own pace on a cruise in the clear sea off the many and magnificent shores of Turkey. The combination of a personalized, luxurious cruise, new scenery, delicious Turkish food, and the places and people you will meet will give you an experience that you will not stop talking about for a long time after it ends.

Abundance of Stunning Sailing Routes:

When renting a yacht in Turkey through us, we can recommend you a wide variety of stunning sailing routes, from which you can choose the perfect one for you. The routes can take you to the following destinations, among others:

  • Bodrum: The magical coastal city of Bodrum with its beautiful streets, surrounded by sandy beaches and clear waters.
  • Fethiye: An ancient and picturesque coastal town near which there is a magical Butterfly Valley and the Oludeniz beach that came out of a postcard.
  • Gocek: A beautiful fishing village with paved and winding streets, a picturesque harbor, friendly locals, and a sparkling blue sea.
  • Datca: A destination rich in history, perfect for archeology lovers, with great restaurants and wonderful beaches.
  • Kas: An ancient town that offers a variety of activities and attractions for a beach vacation, including isolated and stunning coves that can be reached by kayak or boat.

The Perfect Destination for Mediterranean Sailing:

Among the Mediterranean countries, Turkey is one of the perfect destinations for yacht rental. Turkey also has great weather for a sailing vacation, with a warm and pleasant climate that averages thirty degrees Celsius in the summer months.

In addition, Turkey is a relatively affordable vacation destination compared to Europe, but it offers a variety of activities and attractions for all ages, from hiking to restaurants and shopping.

Turkey also has a long, diverse, and magical coastline, with over four hundred beaches that tourists come to from all over the world. The beaches are surrounded by breathtaking scenery and a long history that is evident in the cities, towns, and picturesque villages, and a variety of ancient sites. And of course, it is impossible to talk about Turkey without mentioning the magnificent, rich, and flavorful cuisine.

Turkish cuisine offers a wide variety of soups that Turks traditionally start every meal with. It is also famous for its delicious pastries, such as Borek made with phyllo dough, Su boregi that combines cheese with hot phyllo dough, and Lahmacun, which is a flatbread with ground meat. In addition, Turkey is also the birthplace of kebabs, which will completely change your perception of this dish, and that’s before we mention the variety of vegetarian and meat dishes, excellent white cheeses, various stuffed dishes, lamb casseroles, fish dishes in the style of bulgur, and a variety of delicious Mediterranean sweets such as halva, kunafeh, and milk pudding, among others.

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Sail Away to an Unforgettable Yachting Adventure in Turkey

Turkey beckons with its captivating beauty, affordable prices, and wealth of historical and cultural attractions. Embark on a dream sailing vacation in Turkey with Sailing Around and discover the country’s hidden gems from a unique perspective. Our yacht rental services allow you to sail along the enchanting shores of Turkey, exploring secluded coves and marinas that are inaccessible to landlubbers. Either with your family, or with friends, we have a yacht rental option tailored to your needs and desires. Sail your own skipper’s license or with our professional crew.

Unwind in Luxury and Discover Hidden Wonders

Step onto the modern, luxurious, and fully equipped yachts, which are akin to floating boutique hotels. Spacious bedrooms, private bathrooms, a well-stocked kitchen, and comfortable living areas await you. Let the gentle rocking of the waves lull you into a state of tranquility as you sail through the crystal-clear waters of Turkey’s magnificent coastline.

Choose from an Array of Enchanting Sailing Routes

We offer a diverse selection of sailing routes to suit every taste and preference. Explore the picturesque Bodrum, with its charming streets and sandy beaches. Discover Fethiye, a town steeped in history and nestled near the magical Butterfly Valley and the postcard-perfect Oludeniz Beach. Admire the beauty of Gocek, a charming fishing village with winding streets, a picturesque harbor, and friendly locals. Embark on an adventure to Datca, a destination rich in history, offering great restaurants and stunning beaches, and venture to Kas, an ancient town brimming with activities and attractions, including secluded coves that can be reached by kayak or boat.

Why Turkey is the Perfect Destination for Yachting?

Turkey stands out among Mediterranean countries as the ideal destination for yacht rentals. Its warm and pleasant climate, with average summer temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius, provides the perfect backdrop for a sailing adventure.

Turkey offers an unparalleled combination of affordability and endless experiences. From hiking and exploring ancient sites to indulging in culinary delights and indulging in retail therapy, Turkey has something for everyone.

Turkey’s long, diverse, and magical coastline boasts over 400 beaches, drawing visitors from around the globe. These beaches are not only breathtakingly beautiful but also steeped in history, evident in the cities, towns, and picturesque villages that dot the coast. And of course, no discussion of Turkey is complete without mentioning its gastronomy.

Turkish cuisine is a symphony of flavors, from the wide array of soups that start every meal to the delectable pastries that tantalize taste buds. Borek, made with phyllo dough, Su boregi, a combination of cheese and hot phyllo dough, and Lahmacun, a flatbread with ground meat, are just a few examples of Turkey’s culinary treasures. And let’s not forget the birthplace of kebabs, the epitome of Turkish cuisine, which will redefine your understanding of this iconic dish.

Embark on Your Turkish Yachting Adventure Today

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