What’s a concept cruise?

Dreaming of a sailing adventure with family or friends? Seeking to add a delectable cherry to your holiday pie? Then one of Sailing Around’s bespoke concept cruises, traversing the enchanting islands, beaches, and coves of Greece, could be the ideal fit for you.

What’s a concept cruise?

Firstly, a sailing holiday in Greece is an experience in its own right. Even without embarking on a concept cruise, you can expect exceptional escapades. We’d call it a “once-in-a-lifetime” adventure, but the truth is that many people embark on it repeatedly, varying the sailing areas and activities.

It’s hard to imagine anything more blissful than a holiday on a luxuriously appointed yacht, bathed in a tranquil and intimate atmosphere. What more could you add to the magical scenery, picturesque villages, captivating landmarks, and the serene embrace of the sea? If there’s one thing that can sprinkle a touch of extra sweetness, it’s our concept cruises.

These are seven-day excursions aboard a four-bedroom yacht, each with complete privacy including a private bathroom. The yacht also boasts a fully equipped kitchen and a spacious lounge. Additionally to your skipper, the crew will be joined by a professional instructor, tailored to the concept you’ve chosen for the cruise. These could include, for example, a seasoned photographer, a yoga and meditation instructor, a chef, a freediving instructor, or a swimming instructor. The team will meticulously tailor your holiday to your desires, focusing on one or more themes that particularly resonate with you, and accordingly, we will also plan the cruise itinerary during the holiday.

A taster of concept cruises

To provide you with a preliminary understanding of our concept cruises, here are a few examples:

Freediving cruises: Embark on this cruise alongside an AIDA-certified diving instructor who will guide you through freediving training tailored to the participants’ levels, and even certify you if desired. For those unfamiliar, freediving doesn’t rely on diving tanks but solely on the air in your lungs. The aim is to submerge beneath the waves, forging a connection between your body and soul. Freediving sets the tone for an exhilarating, enthusiastic, and self-affirming holiday.

Culinary cruises: Unwind on boutique cruises centered around the culinary experience, sailing through the picturesque coves of Greece. We’ll occasionally pause at islands and villages, strolling through the charming alleyways and vibrant markets, gathering fresh ingredients for our meals. We’ll prepare the meals with our chef on the same day, allowing you to unveil the wonders of Greek cuisine. Greek cuisine is founded on fresh, seasonal, and local ingredients, such as fish, cheeses, olive oil, vegetables, and various meats. Renowned Greek dishes known dishes are moussaka, dolmades, gyros, souvlaki, and spanakopita. Our culinary cruise is a unique experience that harmonizes with your heart, soul, and taste buds. The culinary knowledge you gain during the cruise will undoubtedly accompany you well beyond the holiday.

Swimming cruises: Our swimming instructors will lead you through invigorating swims that meander through magical coves, adjusted to the participants’ levels. Akin to freediving cruises, swimming cruises immerse you in the depths of your connection to the sea, stimulating blood circulation, fostering a sense of vitality and well-being, and, of course, yielding unforgettable images and experiences.

Photography cruises: If we’ve already touched upon images, photography enthusiasts among you will undoubtedly relish having a professional photographer join the cruise. Naturally, this is a photographer who is well-versed in the most captivating and photogenic locations at sea and in the coves of Greece, and who will gladly provide tips and recommendations. You’ll return home with stunning artistic photographs that will continue to garner accolades.

Yoga and meditation cruises: The perfect blend of relaxation, inner connection, and the splendor that surrounds you. Our instructor will lead yoga and meditation exercises in enchanting locations, meticulously adapting to the group’s level.

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