A few days ago, we bid farewell to Skyros, and I’m already longing to return!

Why do I specifically miss Skyros among all the places we’ve been?

Because there’s something truly enchanting about Skyros!

This island is relatively remote compared to any commercialized destination I know. Even as part of the Sporades Islands, it’s a five to six-hour sail from Skiathos, Skopelos, and Alonissos (depending on who you ask). Skyros lies somewhere between the Cyclades and the Sporades, and it perfectly embodies that unique atmosphere.

An exquisite and picturesque white island, crowned by a charming and uniquely stunning upper city, featuring a monastery at its edge.

Skyros is a few hours sailing away from Evia Island (an hour and a half by ferry) and 10 hours sailing from the Cycladic island of Andros So far for its location.

On the western side of the island lies the charming village of Linaria. This quaint and well-maintained town boasts a small but thriving harbor, proudly named Marina, and rightfully so! And there, hidden away, is the sailing paradise!

From my perspective (and also according to Navily, Navionics, and more), it’s a five-star marina, and here’s why: As soon as you arrive, they are ready and waiting for you, even if you haven’t notified anyone in advance. Two assistants will help you smoothly dock upon arrival, and in case of limited availability, they will reserve your desired spot until it becomes vacant. The mooring connections are extremely reliable, providing great peace of mind during the stay, as the location is sheltered from winds and waves, and equipped with an advanced system of surveillance cameras and human security, ensuring both safety and tranquility.

Everything a person with a boat needs for some peace of mind on the water 🙂

On the wild side of the deck, there’s a row of buoys with the option to tie your stern and prow. There, the anchor awaits those who crave a bit more adventure, with the freedom to jump into the water whenever they desire.

The ferry to the island arrives at this harbor, sounding a thrilling horn, followed by a melody… It reminded me of the Champions League anthem 🙂 It glides in without a wave, not disturbing any of the other boats. Embarking from Kymi (Evia), the journey continues to Skopelos, Skiathos, and returns full circle daily, with varying hours, directions, and seasonal offerings. For those interested, it is essential to plan ahead and stay updated. A guest of ours had to make her way to the heart of Athens, and she did so for just 30€, taking an hour-and-a-half ferry ride followed by a three-hour bus journey – obtaining the bus ticket on board during the ferry trip.

The place is impeccably clean and organized like I have never seen before. Everything is recycled accordingly, from bottle caps, bottles, and batteries to aluminum, electrical appliances, and cooking or engine oils. Whatever comes to mind has its designated bin, and everything is meticulously arranged, akin to soldiers in formation – neat and orderly. The marina office is equipped with two washing machines and a giant dryer, with a computer set up for those who wish to stay updated with weather forecasts. There’s a wide selection of books available for borrowing and exchange throughout the public areas. Adjacent to the office, there’s a small workshop stocked with all the tools and instruments one could possibly need, catering to the needs of all sailors. If you require any electrical connection, extension cord, or anything that might be missing – they have it all!

And if all of that isn’t enough, the marina offers luxurious showers/restrooms, and, on top of it all, every evening between seven and eight, there’s a Disco Shower. That means showering with music and disco lights, having a lot of fun. Perfect for families with kids who don’t like to take showers 🙂 and for anyone who wants to add some excitement to their shower experience.

Furthermore, the anchorage area offers a designated swimming spot, complete with smoking corners equipped with ashtrays, refreshing freshwater showers, and a touch of elegance.

You can also find two supermarkets, a variety of taverns, charming wine bars, serene cafes, and so much more… all with ‘The Truman Show’ vibe 🙂

In short… A five-star marina! It captivated me, and without hesitation, I secured an annual mooring contract. That means a 50% discount off the regular rate (which came to 35€ per night for us), plus an additional 20% off for advance payment. I’m already looking forward to the end of the current contract!

Skyros has much more to offer, including stunning bays, an amazing coastline as mentioned, and several charming villages on the eastern side of the island. There are several small islands surrounding the main island, some of which have secluded coves with no cellular reception and a few goats roaming around. Half lush greenery (to the north) and half arid landscape (to the south), creating a unique and charming atmosphere, local tourism… and a sea full of excitement ⛵

Enjoy …

The author is Oded Freidin – the founder of the Facebook group “Sailing Greece” who lives on his yacht in Piraeus. ⛵ 🇬🇷