Ah, Levitha… a truly special destination! 😍

A small gem in the heart of the Aegean Sea.

One family lives on this island paradise! No ferry services, no tourist traffic, only sailors and private yachts allowed! (Because what charters would want to get there?)

In the southern part of the island, a sheltered bay awaits, divided into two sections. The western part offers unrestricted anchoring and seclusion (even more seclusion than you can imagine). The eastern part features a series of well-spaced, well-maintained buoys, providing secure mooring for yachts, and meticulously cared for by the owner, who is, in fact, the island’s true custodian 🙂

The island’s owner sails leisurely with his fishing boat in the late afternoon, preparing for the evening feast. Once everyone has anchored, he warmly greets them and asks if they are coming to dinner. If they decide to partake, he’ll take their preferences into account for today’s culinary delights. Alternatively, if they choose not to participate, he kindly requests payment for the buoy usage (€7, as of 2019).

You will be charged for the buoy even if you’re dining, it will be added to your bill.

As the sun set, after getting ourselves organized, we boarded the dinghy and followed the narrow path leading to the ‘restaurant,’ which was partially paved with stones. As we walked, we arrived at the courtyard of the family’s home. The way back was illuminated by our phone flashlights, as well as those of the other guests.

The family lives a sustainable lifestyle: solar panels, wind turbines, handcrafted stone buildings, goats in the yard, and growing fruits and vegetables. Not to mention fishing! All this goodness will be served to you on a plate at the Farm to Table restaurant. When you sit down to eat, the household’s children will come to you, fluently speaking English, and inquire about your meal preferences. Mom and Grandma will be busy preparing your order in the kitchen, while grandpa will rest from the morning fishing trip, and Dad will be managing the entire operation with great care.

The only cellular reception you’ll find on the island is in the designated smoking area – trace it once you’ve finished your meal 🙂

We have been trying to recreate the dessert, yogurt from the flock with figs from the tree, like never before! There’s nothing quite like it!

It is advisable to arrive at the island fully equipped, as there are no supermarkets or grocery stores, no electricity and/or water supply. You wouldn’t want to have to go up to the restaurant every day for meals. Additionally, you might not want to leave there, not just because it’s an amazing place, but also due to its prime location in the heart of the Aegean Sea, abundant with favorable sailing winds.


The author is Oded Freidin – the founder of the Facebook group “Sailing Greece” who lives on his yacht in Piraeus. ⛵ 🇬🇷

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