Free Diving: The Extreme Sport You Should Experience

Say goodbye to everything you thought you knew about the world of diving, and wave farewell to the cumbersome gear, tank balancing, and other hassles. Now, it’s only you and the marine life, exploring the depths together.

Do you want to discover more about the trendiest extreme sport of the moment? Keep on reading, as we’re about to embark together on a captivating underwater adventure.

So, what is free diving all about?

Free diving is the art of diving without the use of breathing apparatus or air storage, relying solely on one’s own lung capacity for breath-holding.

Integrated aids may include weights, fins, or a monofin, wetsuit, mask, snorkel, rope, and lanyard. You are not obliged to incorporate all of them; each diver can choose the specific equipment that suits their preferred diving style.

Now try and take a deep breath, hold it, and see how long you can go without oxygen. Should be around a minute even without exerting yourself! Now, let’s dive into the world and achievements of free diving– both on a global and Israeli scale – and grasp just how exhilarating this sport can be.

Records in Dynamic and Static Free Diving Achievements

At present, the world records in free diving reaching an impressive depth of 253 meters for men (2012) and 160 meters for women (2002).

The records for static breath-holding stand at an impressive 11:54 minutes for men (achieved in 2014) and 9:02 minutes for women (achieved in 2013).

In comparison, the Israeli records stand at 6:04 minutes for men (2022) and 4:49 minutes for women (2012).

In order to reach such depths and hold your breath during these long-lasting moments, professional certification is essential. At Sailing Around, we offer you a unique free diving concept sailing. During this experience, you’ll train under the guidance of our professional instructors, who are certified by the renowned French diving organization, AIDA.

What does free diving have to do with Yoga & Meditation?

Above all, free diving involves both physical and mental engagement. It’s about achieving harmony between the body and the mind. This is why the link between free diving and Yoga & Meditation is natural and profound.

Similar to yoga, free diving requires self-discipline to prevent fainting and push the boundaries of one’s capabilities. Flexibility, breath control, concentration, and the capacity to enter a meditative state are all essential in free diving, just as they are in yoga and meditation.

Mor Barzani, the Israeli champion of dynamic free diving, shares that her greatest satisfaction in free diving comes from the opportunity to connect with the sea creatures. “When I’m down there with them, I bring myself just as I am. It’s only me and my lungs, deep in the depths,” describes Mor, enticing us to leave everything behind and experience the serenity she finds in the depths.

As Mor dives dozens of meters down, she explains, “All the beauty of diving is that it’s the only moment in the world where you simply don’t think about anything. All thoughts are gone. When you’re down there, with tons of water above you, you stop thinking. The mind comes to a halt, and you become truly connected with yourself.”

How does free diving serve the skippers?

Thanks to our profound connection to the world of sailing and yachting, we highly recommend every skipper to add a significant tool to their toolkit: certification in free diving.

Mastering free diving, even if only to a depth of 9 meters, is crucial for the tranquility and sense of security of the sailors handling the catamaran’s anchor stuck in a rock or releasing a rope entangled in the propeller. This is why we offer specialized certifications for skippers who seek to sail with peace of mind.

You might find yourselves amidst these lines, whether you’re adventurous souls looking to master the art of breathing and delve deeper into the realm, or simply yearning for that extraordinary encounter with the abundant marine life that awaits you in the depths. Or perhaps you are experienced skippers, well-aware of the various scenarios that might prompt you to take the plunge and set sail with peace of mind. We are here to provide you with the answer and tailor the certification that precisely suits your needs and goals.

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