Ocean Adventures

We grade adventures into Relaxing, Stretching or Epic Voyages

All are accessible, whether you have little or no previous sailing experience or you are an experienced sailor with many miles behind. Epic Voyages and Stretching trips will also suit those seeking mile-building or preparing for a qualification such as Yachtmaster. 

Join a sailing adventure with some of the best skippers in the world.

Our Ocean Expeditions are operated by Wavysail Ocean Adventures.

Scotland sailing adventures

Sailing in Scotland offers a captivating experience that blends the rugged beauty of its coastlines with the mystery of its vast lochs. With a backdrop of dramatic landscapes, including ancient castles and mist-covered mountains, sailors can explore the serene waters of the Hebrides, navigate through the famous Caledonian Canal. The region’s unpredictable weather adds an element of challenge and adventure to the journey, making it an ideal destination for skilled skippers seeking both natural beauty and sailing prowess. Whether it’s the thrill of navigating through narrow passages or the tranquility of anchoring in secluded bays, Scotland provides a unique sailing experience steeped in history,  breathtaking scenery and whiskey breweries.

Oban to Stornoway

10 days – Depart July 3rd

Stornoway – Wick

10 days – Depart July 14th, 2024

Wick – Stornoway

10 days – Depart July 25, 2024

 South Africa sailing adventures

Sailing in South Africa is a vibrant and exhilarating experience, characterized by diverse marine environments and scenic coastlines. From the bustling ports of Cape Town with the iconic Table Mountain as a stunning backdrop, to the subtropical waters of Durban and the rugged cliffs of the Eastern Cape, South Africa offers a multitude of sailing adventures. Sailors can enjoy the challenges of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans’ contrasting currents and winds, exploring rich marine biodiversity including dolphins, whales, and seals. Whether it’s cruising along the picturesque Garden Route or engaging in more rigorous open-sea sailing, South Africa delivers an unforgettable sailing experience that combines natural beauty with thrilling nautical adventures.

Cape Town to St Helena

22 Days leg, including 3-5 days stay on the island with accommodation

St Helena to Cape Town

22 Days leg, including 3-5 days stay on the island with accommodation

Full trip: Cape Town to St Helena and return

Full 44 days trip

Greenland to Alaska – The North West passage sailing adventure

Sailing the Northwest Passage represents one of the most daring and challenging nautical adventures on the planet. This legendary sea route through the Arctic Archipelago connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, weaving through remote islands, imposing icebergs, and territories barely touched by humanity. The passage offers a profound sense of isolation and extreme conditions, testing the skills and endurance of even the most seasoned sailors. As climate change affects ice conditions, the route has become more navigable during shorter periods of the year, drawing attention from adventurous mariners seeking to trace the storied path of early explorers. Sailing through the Northwest Passage is not just a journey across waters; it’s an expedition through history, rugged landscapes, and some of the world’s most challenging maritime environments.

Includes being involved in the design and build of the world’s first “net-zero” expedition yacht

The first step is to apply to us. We have just six crew places available and this is a challenging trip. Therefore, we will be interviewing each person to ensure you are aware of the challenge you are taking on and answer questions (because you will have lots!)

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