The beloved sibling of Kastelorizo, from the enchanting Dodecanese islands group.

So what makes it popular?

Being so close to Rhodes! This island stands out as the grand centerpiece of this islands group, offering direct flights from numerous destinations, accommodating giant ships, and frequent ferry services, including connections from Turkey during peaceful times.

The proximity to Rhodes allows for easy access to the island, with numerous frequent destination ferries arriving regularly. This facilitates smooth embarkation and disembarkation for passengers and crew members.

Chalki is also an island built around a small harbor. There’s a charming bay on its southern side, perfect for free anchoring, for those who wish to diversify their sailing experience. The weather conditions usually allow for it (mainly due to the prevailing northwestern winds that dominate the area in the summer). Additionally, there’s the option for free anchoring beyond the marina.

In the harbor, during the season, there is a continuous line of floating docks with bobbing ducks, some broken and others on the verge of breaking, and the water may not be very inviting for drinking, but it serves well for rinsing the boat.

All for a fee in Chalki, although affordable (up to 10€ per night and a few more for the water), due to its popularity.

When we were dining at one of the restaurants and asked for a dessert, they kindly informed us that they don’t have any available, as there’s an ice cream parlor nearby. At the ice cream parlor, you won’t find any alcohol since there’s a bar next door, and at the bar, there’s no food because there’s a bakery nearby. That’s the Chalki vibe and I’m absolutely loving it! The Greek “Truman Show” 🙂

After the Ohi Day (Greece’s second Independence Day celebrated on 28.10), the island is closed, with no active businesses or arriving tourists, not even Greeks.

Shortly before this happens, the floating dock is folded and there is little, if any, space left beside the ferry’s concrete dock (see in the pictures). Typically, one can tie up to the ferry dock after the last ferry leaves until the first one arrives in the morning.

It’s important to note, some ferries might not be careful! Make sure the anchor holds strong (check that you haven’t just caught metals and a plethora of adventures) and ensure there’s enough distance from the dock + the gangway is always raised and there are fenders on the stern!

And most importantly…


The author is Oded Freidin – the founder of the Facebook group “Sailing Greece” who lives on his yacht in Piraeus. ⛵ 🇬🇷

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