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A London-based British company with roots in beautiful Greece, all of us at Sailing Around are passionate about delivering unparalleled nautical experiences. We pride ourselves on our expertise, our diverse fleet of yachts, and our smooth, personalised booking process.

Driven by personal passion and experience, we understand the allure of the open sea and the freedom it represents. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a first-time adventurer, our expert team is dedicated to tailoring your perfect maritime experience.

Longing to embark on your first unforgettable voyage? From the turquoise waters of the Caribbean to the enchanting coasts of the Mediterranean — and beyond — our experts are on hand to curate bespoke itineraries that will exceed your expectations.

Want to charter your own yacht? With an extensive network of reputable yacht charter companies and providers, we offer a comprehensive search engine that enables you to effortlessly discover the ideal yacht for your next sailing trip.

Beyond our big commitment to sourcing excellent vessels, Sailing Around is also big on safety, comfort, and providing unparalleled service. In fact, we’re here to ensure your voyage is much more than a trip — it’s an unforgettable escape. An extraordinary adventure.

So, whether you’re looking for the perfect bareboat yacht charter, or a fully-crewed yacht trip curated around your interests and passions, embarking on a seafaring odyssey with Sailing Around will unleash your inner explorer. In short, we’re here to deliver world-class sailing experiences that will linger in your memory for years to come.

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Guy Yadin

Marketing & Content Manager

A seasoned skipper who has been sailing the Mediterranean Sea for 20 years. Despite his longing for the sea and sails, Guy spends most of his time in front of the computer creating content, managing websites, and media. The combination of the marketing world with the world of sailing and the sea is the winning combination for him. Guy is busy creating professional content for the skipper community, including on the website, in webinars, and more… He is always happy to sit over a coffee or beer to discuss sailing routes and sailing adventures.

Ifat Shamir

Social Media Manager

A seasoned skipper who has been wandering on a small yacht with her partner around the world and the oceans for three years. Currently sailing in the Caribbean islands, Yifat manages our media content. She films and edits materials from around the world and one day will also tell us all her sailing stories from the most magical corners of the world.

Yannis Spiliopoulos

Professional Skipper

A Greek skipper by profession, Yannis was born in Athens and grew up on the shores of the Aegean Sea. He served in the Greek Navy and, since his discharge, has progressed through the ranks from crew member to experienced captain. Yannis has been sailing between the Greek islands for many years and knows every charming bay and taverna worth visiting. He is always happy to share his extensive knowledge with us, help plan routes, and recommend exactly where to drop anchor.

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Sailing with our Crew

כריסטוס מדריך צלילה חופשית

Christos Mavroeidis

Free Diving Instructor

Christos is a certified AIDA free diving instructor.

As a child, he was a swimmer, then ventured into the realm of free diving. He has been diving for 10 years and would be thrilled to share his passion for diving with others.

He aims to help free diving beginners avoid the mistakes he made, and improve their skills while enjoying the process, of course.


סטפנוס מדריך צלילה

Stefanos Chaniotis

Free Diving Instructor

Stephanos is a certified AIDA diving instructor and judge.
His personal record for depth is 52 meters, and his official deep dive with biffins was at 45 meters. He can hold his breath for over 4.5 minutes and swim underwater for more than 100 meters. He is an accredited AIDA International freediving instructor for 1*, 2*, and 3*, as well as monofin. He teaches various techniques to enhance breath-holding, improve breath-hold time, and achieve even greater calmness underwater.

אלנה מדריכת יוגה

Elena Roussou

Yoga Instructor

Elena is a certified ERYT200 yoga and fitness instructor with over 6 years of
experience in crafting enriching lessons that integrate Pranayama, Asanas, and Meditation.
She began training with her mother at the age of 14, falling in love with sailing. In January 2017, Elena achieved her certification as an instructor.
Elena loves assisting trainees in discovering the full range of their abilities. Beyond
physical training, she delights in teaching ways to integrate mind and body in our daily lives.
She is also certified in Mindfulness Meditation and holds a Reiki Level 2 qualification.
She teaches sailing styles such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, and her approach to her students is always personalized and individualized. Elena believes that we are all connected, and we all have the ability to practice yoga.



Royce is a professional photographer with over 10 years of experience specializing in automotive, lifestyle, and commercial photography.
With his deep passion for photography, artistic flair, and innate
perfectionism, he has found his ideal formula for success.
He has collaborated with several brands and successfully completed numerous independent projects. He excels in editing software
such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. As the son of an architect, he was able to cultivate his sense of symmetry, which provided him with the confidence to explore various styles and aided him in developing aesthetic compositions.
His work focuses on local and international photography, and he constantly aims to connect with diverse clients from around the globe.


Yoga Instructor

Dafni is a midwife, a yoga instructor, and a prenatal yoga teacher. Her yoga journey began with a desire to discover inner serenity and forge a deep connection with her soul. She has been working as a midwife in humanitarian aid for over 7 years. Dafni has been practicing yoga consistently, and it quickly became an integral part of her daily routine. What did she reveal on my yoga mattress? What motivated her to step onto the mat every day? Unity. Yoga is a path of unity, of connection, of self-awareness. It’s all about breath and sensation. As a yoga instructor specialized in Vinyasa style, she practices the harmonious union of breath and physical movement. She desires to assist her students in connecting with their inner selves, understanding their needs, and stepping out of their comfort zone. Join us for a refreshing yoga session under the sun and over the sea, as we embrace the profound connection with the universe. For, after all, everything is intertwined. See you on your mat.

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